ETA Auction 2023

December 2 - Betonghallen Chalmers

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The auction has been moved from Ljusgården to Betonghallen!

Every year ETA arranges an auction where ham radio equipment, electronics components, lab equipment mystical apparatus and more are sold. The goal with the auction is to sell useful equipment for a low price to support the student association’s economy.

Date: Saturday December 2, 2023
Auction opening: 13:00
Location: Sven Hultins Gata 8, 412 58 Göteborg

During the auction

  • It is possible to buy coffee, sandwiches, cooked meals etc. in our cafe.
  • Not all of our items are listed in the catalouge. So expect unlisted items.
  • During the auction there will also be a bazaar style sale called the component bar that opens 15:00. Here we will sell smaller items like components, cables, boxes etc, none of which items are in the catalouge.
  • Items during the auction will not follow a specific order. Due to the large quantity of items, it's not possible for us to pick an item by request.
  • There is no enterance fee. However, there is a limited amount of seats. To reserve a seat, it is possible to buy a ticket. The tickets can be bought from 09:00 on the auction day. Tickets are sold until they run out.


  • Items are sold as-is, with no warranties given by ETA. If an item is tested as working this means that we have tested the basic functionality of the item and found it working. Unfortunately, we can't test everything in depth. An item marking as not working can mean that the equipment is completely broken or simply that a fuse needs replacement. We strive to keep the descriptions as accurate as possible, but reserve ourselves against errors in the catalogue.
  • Lowest bid is 1 SEK.
  • Payment is made directly after bidding to the cashier.
  • For persons expecting to buy a lot it is possible to sign an account with a deposit of 500 SEK. All bought items will then be stored in a pallet which is picked up and payed for directly after the auction. To sign an account speak with the cashier before the auction begins.


New items are frequently added to the auction catalogue
Note: Additional items may appear during the auction

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Deluxe Coax

At this year's auction, we will have deluxe coax cable (HUBER+SUHNER SUCOFEED 1/2" 50Ω) for sale in large quantities.
The cable is sold in quantities of pre-terminated 40m (3000kr), 65m (4800kr) or cut to length (125kr/m, sold in increments of 5m).
Check the ETA Wiki for inforamiton about the characteristics of the cable.


Everything that is sold during the auction have been donated from companies or individuals who want to support our student association. Our association is completely non-profit and all the earnings from the auction is used to support the association.

If you want to support our association and make a donation to the auction, feel free to contact the auction committee at