E-sektionens Teletekniska Avdelning

Reasons to join us

The Tools

Whatever you set out to do — ETA has the tools for the deed. An electronics lab for all your tinkering needs as well as a small, but well equipped, mechanical workshop.

The Components

Want to try out that crazy circuit you found on the internet? — No problem! ETA has a wide array of component available to its members, free of charge. Need something special? — Order it from Farnell, where ETA has generous price discounts.

The Knowledge

Wondering how something works? Need design tips? — Ask another member!
ETA has students from most programmes at Chalmers — in addition to employees — creating a melting pot of ideas.

The Community

Meet new people with interests similar to yours and take a ride in our electric sofa!

ETA's årliga auktion går av stapeln 1 December 2018

Becoming a member

When you have no limits — what will you build?

ETA is a student association within Chalmers Student Union and is open to all students and employees at Chalmers University of Technology.

The annual membership fee is 100 SEK , giving you access to our entire lab.

To become a member, come visit us in our lab on the 7th floor in the EDIT building and we will help you. Call us at 031-20 78 60 if you can't find your way.

The Board

Need to reach us? Send an email to eta@eta.chalmers.se

David Olofsson


Sebastian Göbel

Vice Chairman

Frans-Erik Isaksson


Gabriella Galonja


Jacob Andersson

Material Keeper

Kristoffer Forss

Auction Committee

Rasmus Claesen

Auction Committee

Martin Glimstrand

Auction Committee